hello! I am sheik taiyeb, i'm a self-taught commercial photographer, my love & passion for visuals has pushed me to deep dive in photography to cinematography & fine art, having spent a vast amount of time working with some amazing & gifted craftsmen of visual story telling, gave me wide range of opportunities learning & experimenting different style & medium.

having worked with a diverse range of brands and products over the past two decades, giving me opportunities to capture & be a part of various creative projects in photography & cinematography, from still campaigns to TV commercial, music videos, documentary, short films & full length Bollywood feature films, with brands & products from fashion, people, product, jewelry, automobile & architecture, & creative teams of various visual projects from inceptions to completion.

my insatiable hunger for new challenges keeps me alive, constantly seeking out opportunities for growth and innovation & to keep learning the ever evolving art of visual storytelling.

“Every picture brings a million story it holds within”